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* Using the keyword search: Keyword search takes priority. If you enter keywords, selections in the category and location drop-down boxes will be ignored. The keyword search only searches the job title, employer name, city and description, not the job category or geographic area. Each keyword must be separated by a space. For example, to search for a truck driver job in Harrisburg you would enter: truck driver Harrisburg. Do not put more than one space between words. Do not enter punctuation such as commas, periods, quotes, etc. Entering search criteria which is too wide, for instance trying to search all the jobs from Pennsylvania, will result in no search results.

When searching by company name or city keywords note that some jobs are posted as 'blind' listings and do not contain a company name, and not all jobs listings contain the name of a city where the job is located.

To require that a specific keyword be included in the search, select "Search using all of the keywords". Otherwise, select "Search using any of the keywords." For example, searching for "structural engineer" (no quotes) and selecting "Search using any of the keywords" will search any job listings that contain either structural or engineer, and will return different results than searching using "Search using all of the keywords" which will search only listings that contain both of those words.